Say No To Fear in 2019
  • Say No To Fear in 2019

Say No To Fear and Reset Your Mind

Say No To Fear in 2019

Say No To Fear in 2019

It’s coming up to a New Year soon, do you have any resolutions in place? Or dreams/goals that you would like to conquer? Will you see them through to the end? How many people will fail to continue what they have set out to do because of that dreaded word 'FEAR'

Fear Is a common problem that is faced by many people on a daily basis. All of us have experienced fear at some point in our lives and it can cause difficulties or hesitation that holds us back from following our dreams and becoming successful. If you want to reach your goals/dreams this year, then don't allow FEAR to hold you back and keep you locked up in a mind-prison.

Here are a few tips that may help you conquer your fear(s) this year:


What would be your goals/dreams if fear was not in control? Are you missing out on things simply because of your fears? Make a list of things that you would like to do if you were able to conquer your fears.

Also ask yourself if you have had any fears in the past, did you conquer them? and how?


Recognizing the type of fear will help you know how to deal with it. Internal fear is based on low self esteem or lack of confidence, however, usually the fear is triggered externally - something that has happened in the past, or by events happening around you, and thus produces a negative emotion.

Subconscious fears are produced by accepted beliefs in the subconscious mind, that you believe to be true, thus can limit your true potential. Subconscious fears are associated with the internal type of fear, where you question your capabilities or have self doubt. Fear is just a conditioned response, but there are things you can do to change your mind set and conquer those fears.

Most internal fears can be caused by an event that happened in the past, often in one's childhood years where fears are usually developed. Perhaps you were conditioned to believe that you were not capable of achieving something. Some people, including myself, seek professional to help change their mind set and behaviours. There are plenty of self-development courses and workshops that can you help you. I can recommend Osho Leela - a self-development and meditation centre in Dorset. If you want to conquer your internal fears, then ask yourself the following questions:

When/where did your fears come from?

For example, if someone is afraid of public speaking, then ask yourself, why are you afraid of public speaking, did something happen in your childhood, or at an event? In order to solve this problem, he/she should identify the fear.

Another classic example is someone who is afraid of flying, perhaps they have just heard or read stories about bad flights or afraid of anything going wrong. The mind tricks you into thinking that if you feel afraid, then you will be in danger. That goes for almost most things, if you feel that you can't do something or your not good enough then your mind will tell you that.

Do you often worry about what can go wrong, and expect the worst in a situation?

Rather than worrying about what can go wrong or expecting the worst, just focus on your strengths and your capabilities. Make an conscious effort to expect the best, change the negative to a positive. The more you do this, the fear will dissipate.

What can you do to change this?

Fears are just thoughts – change how you look at these fears by turning a negative into a positive and you will change the way you react to them.


What's the worse that can happen? Imagine the worst that can happen and come up with strategies that will avoid it happening. What strategy plan can you put in place to ensure that the worst-case scenario will never happen?


Be in tune with your body. Where does fear live in your body? Once you know where it lives, then you can address it.


Fear is just an emotion, and cannot harm you in any way, so rather than it controlling you, fight the fear, welcome it with open arms by doing what you fear. When you are aware of the fear, and welcome it, it will then dissipate.


Take note of your inner conversations. When you hear negative self-talk, stop and transform the negative self talk with positive affirmations and keep repeating them. I do this a lot, and I also tell myself that F.E.A.R is 'False Evidence Appearing To Be Real'


Create a new response by making positive associations with the fear. For example if you are afraid of public speaking, visualise someone who you admire who is a successful public speaker, keep repeating this and your brain will associate your fear with a positive response.