About me

Hello, my name is Chevi, and I am the founder of Loveartsandflowers. I design a variety of inspirational products for home decor and for gifts, I sell mostly canvas prints and posters. I have a lot of products already launched and will soon introduce a lot more designs.

The Business.

My business started in 2015 with just canvas prints and then moved onto Posters/Coasters/Cushions, Bedding. Revenue is around 38k yearly.

I am now offering you a chance to earn some revenue doing what I am doing. I offer various packages starting from £59 to £1200. Each package will come with the designed images, a licence from me with your name on it, the advertising images ( a sample can be found here), information on who I use to print my products, and the marketing strategies that I have used successfully for over five years. Please note that you will receive the images via a download. I own the copyrights, and you are only permitted to print the images onto your products.

Recap on what you will receive:

* Royalty Free Images (Not Copyright Free)
* Royalty Free Licence (with your name on the Licence)
* Advertising and marketing images ( a sample can be found here)
* Marketing Strategies
* Printers I use

If you want to view the packages rather than reading on, then click here..

How I came up with this idea?

I was going through a difficult time financially in early 2015 and started writing poems for therapy. The first poem I wrote was on self love, I thought it would be a good idea to have it printed onto canvas so that I could read it every day. It was then when I had an aha moment.

Since I had started with only one product, have no space to stock canvas prints, and no capital to purchase a professional printing machine - I had to approach a few companies that could print my designs onto canvas.  I managed to find myself three printers from which I had negotiated a good price for the cost of printing and for postage, and make a decent profit.

How does this work?

I design the prints, mostly inspirational quotes and spiritual designs. All my orders for canvas prints are printed and sent for me; all I do is advertise my products. When I receive an order, I send the image and the customers details to the printer, they print them for me and send them via tracked delivery. I then get a bill at the end of the week (usually Fridays)

I am now giving the public the opportunity to do the same and earn money from printing my designs onto your products.

Where I advertise?

I advertise mostly on Facebook. Around 70% of my sales come from Facebook. I have a successful Facebook Business page which can be found here: at present it has over 2,600k followers. In addition, I advertise on three successful online e-commerce websites.

The packages available.

Click the link below to view the packages. More will be added very soon.

Royalty Free Images